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Meet Sven

Read on if thou carest to hear the long winded tale of how it all began...


  I started making knives in 1989. At first I had a homemade forge built from a brake drum and my grandfathers anvil. Years later I purchased a 1906 forge. Drawing on the wisdom of my father, who was a blacksmith like his father before him, I began forging blades. 
       After recieving a gift of appreciation for some custom weapons I had made (a sand cast miniature anvil) I tried my hand at sand casting as well. I now try to provide a large selection of figurines and cast pommels and guards. 
        I started merchanting at SCA events in 1995.  I have been attending such SCA events for over 25 years.
   All of the items are handmade and finished by me. All of the weapons are fully functional pieces, not just wall-hangers. I use high carbon steel in the blades. Heat treating and tempering are done on the forge, in the old way. 
     As all of them are handmade no two are exactly the same.
      I also do custom work. When I take a commission on a project I will quote a price. Once the quote is made I DO NOT raise my price. A quote is the final price unless there are shipping and handling charges.

I freqently venture at the Ring Lord Chainmail forum by the name of Edge-Smith.